Kirsten has always been connected with the West Country. She was educated locally and later settled in Yeovil. Kirsten gained her Fine Art degree at Goldsmiths and her MA Photography/Fine Art at the Arts Institute, Bournemouth. Kirsten is also an Associate Member of the Royal Photographic Society.
Kirsten’s interest in pushing the boundaries of photography began at Goldsmiths, when she explored the use of photographic images translated into textile designs. In her BA show Kirsten used images on silk screen prints to document people. Kirsten used a combination of photography and film as part of her MA installation, which explored the relationship between mother and daughter.
Carrying these ideas forward, Kirsten has always found a way to use photographic images within the construct of her work. The juxtaposition of different media in Kirsten’s work makes it challenging to label.
Kirsten has a long association with the artistic movement in the West Country. She was an early member of the Dorset Arts and Craft Guild and is member of WeSCA Contemporary Arts and the photographic group Arena. She has frequently exhibited in Sherborne House, Rook Lane and many other venues including an exhibition in Denmark.